Past Production

Lunch/The Woods (1994)

Matrix is no-frills theatre of the two-boards-and-a-passion variety, with high-quality, committed performances.” The Australian


Lunch and The WoodsMatrix Theatre’s debut production was a double-bill of two-handers: The Woods by David Mamet, and Lunch by Steven Berkoff,  performed by Michael Futcher and Helen Howard, on the top floor of  “Van Gogh’s Earlobe”, an old nightclub, which for a short time in the 1990’s was the happening place for fringe theatre in Brisbane. The double-bill played to small but enthusiastic audiences, and successfully launched the company.




Production Details

The Woods and Lunch were performed by Matrix Theatre, at Van Gogh’s Earlobe, Woolloongabba, Brisbane, 22nd September – 8th October, 1994.

Michael Futcher – Nick/The Man
Helen Howard – Ruth/The Woman

Michael Futcher

Helen Howard and Michael Futcher

Theresa Menchise, Danijela Tasic

John Futcher





Matrix is launching its initial production, a nicely contrasted double-bill of one-actors…Matrix is no-frills theatre of the two-boards-and-a-passion variety, with high-quality, committed performances.”
  –  The Australian


These razor-sharp plays – both two-handers – offer fascinating but quite varied perspectives of male/female relationships…Quite simply, this is a quality product which creates memorable and  magical theatre. Michael Futcher and Helen Howard are doing some of the finest acting seen on a Brisbane stage all year.”
 – The Courier Mail


Matrix Theatre’s current double-bill of David Mamet’s The Woods and Steven Berkoff’s Lunch is an enlightening evening’s entertainment. Futcher and Howard share an obvious rapport and meet the challenges of their dual roles with energy and skill…an auspicious debut production for Matrix.” 
 – Rave Magazine


More Matrix is a must…Michael Futcher and Helen Howard maintain the tension in each work beautifully, charting the fluctuations of feeling in the first with sensitivity, and in the second, with energy and boldness. ‘Tis a consummation devoutly to be wished, that we should see much more of Matrix in the future.”  

– Time Off Magazine


For the launch of their company, Matrix, professional actors Michael Futcher and Helen Howard are presenting a strong double-act.”
  – The Australian Financial Review